Equipment park

You can see here our equipment park, consisting of easy to use household sewing machines and industrial sewing machines for professionals and skilled.

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Domestic sewing machine

for simple repairs / sewing for beginners: our 5 household sewing machines

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Industrial sewing machine

for leather / tarpaulin / canvas - 2 industrial sewing machines

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Leather sewing machine

One eagle leather sewing machine

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Vintage sewing machine

For fans of nostalgia or if the power ever fails.

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Embroidery machine W6

And our little favorite: The Keke! Embroidery machine with over 100 decorative stitches and embroidery motifs.

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Coverlock sewing machine

In our machine park we may present someone new... Finally, with the coverlock sewing machine, fabrics can be sewn together and around in one operation without the fabric warping. No matter if jersey or silk!