Collection fabric and cut suppliers

Who sews needs fabric

The most resource-saving fabric purchase begins in your own closet or in a free store, when you look for old textiles from which your new garment could be made.

But you can also look for seals. At FemNet you will find a good overview.

Here you will find a selection of suppliers. If it's not just around the corner from you, go ahead and ask your fabric store about fair textiles.

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Fabric stores in Dresden

  • fabric concepts Fabric outlet for high quality Bogner fabrics from Munich and haberdashery. Rähnitzgasse Dresden.
  • Internaht finest organic cotton fabrics + sewing courses for children. F.-C.-Weiskopf-Platz 2 Dresden-Plauen
  • ZIC ZAC (also cotton fabrics, Förstereistraße 37, Tel: 0351/8010362)
  • Sewing shop Emily (huge selection of fabrics, plain and striped cuffs, jersey thick+thin, sweat plain+patterned+melted or with stars, Bürgerstr. 53 - 01127, Tel: 0351/8487230)
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  • Alterfil- Eco yarns partly produced in D
  • Bed and cloth- Organic cotton, satin, transparent fabrics, terry cloth
  • Organic thread- GOTS organic fabrics: jersey, denim, poplin, cuff fabric; buttons made of natural materials, GOTS sewing thread and IVN-best sewing thread
  • Organic linen- Organic linen fabrics kbA
  • Extreme textile - partly recycled fabrics, waterproof organic cotton, outdoor and tent fabrics
  • Ms. Tulip - Canvas, jersey, plush, sweat, fleece
  • Florence - Natural fiber fabrics, some organic fabrics - knitted terry, jersey, batiste, gauze, nettle, lace
  • Life clothing - large selection of organic and GOTS fabrics
  • Lillestoff - GOTS certified fabrics in Scandinavian design
  • Mathias Shipping - Fairtrade fabrics by the meter, some also organic and GOTS certified
  • By the meter-fabrics from natural fibers, partly organic, kbA, plush, batiste, cretonne, jersey, plaid
  • Metrework - Design fabrics from organic cotton. GOTS certified. Also fabrics from hemp and linen kbA, organic wool (kbT)
  • Natural fabric - GOTS fabrics, many undyed, but also Panama, Jersey, Sweat, Nicky, Fleece dyed
  • Nelly Morelly - ecologically certified and fairly produced fabrics and laces, Flamé Jersey
  • Nirotextil - Fairtrade hemp fabrics, jersey, denim, woven fabrics, undyed (except denim) and other fabrics and haberdashery
  • Silk dream - Organic and fairtrade silk fabrics
  • Sevenblue - large selection of organic and fair trade fabrics, also recycled fabrics
  • Stoffbotin-Large selection of organic cotton fabrics, many GOTS certified, organic wool fabrics, organic sewing threads
  • Fabrics-Zanderino - GOTS certified organic cotton fabrics
  • vieille maison - Switzerland, organic jersey, organic woven fabrics, organic sweat and organic nicki plush, GOTS certified
  • Volksfaden - colorful designed patchwork fabrics made of organic cotton, GOTS certified, partly vegetable dyed
  • Westfalen fabrics - organic and fair produced, printed cotton, fine rib jersey, twill jersey, plush, fleece