Sewing plant

We are: an open workshop in which sewn, recycled, mended, knitted, embroidered and appliqued and appliqué. We provide Sewing machines, accessories and materialswhich we have received as donations. You will receive instruction on how to use everything and advice on your sewing project. Just come and get started!

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Finally get started!

Small repairs like sewing on buttons, mending socks and pants. Tricky repairs like replacing zippers or giving a blouse a nice pocket. Recycle, upcycle and downcycle: Make a tool bag from old pant legs. Create a fanny pack customized to your individual needs. Take on challenges: The Pants Tailoring Course. Courier bag made from car seat belts. Creating something new: making cuts, testing them out, failing and winning.
Which materials are the right ones? What accessories do you need to cut or edit correctly?

At Sewing workshop you can get advice and share your accumulated knowledge. We also have books, instructions, patterns, etc. that you can browse. We work on a volunteer and donation basis.

Use the workshop for larger projects. The space can also be used outside of opening hours for your sewing projects. Just send us an email!

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The Nähwerk is a place of do-it-yourself and knowledge exchange. We want to encourage people to recycle textiles and acquire craft skills to show alternatives to everyday consumerism.
Of course, there are sewing projects where you have to buy new fabric, for example. In these cases we can recommend manufacturers/sellers of materials, where the quality is right and value is placed on durability.

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Commitment to sewing

The workshop lives from Exchange. Anyone who would like to teach tailoring or give a course and has a certain amount of patience and empathy is invited to take on shifts in the open workshop or other missions.

The workshop lives from voluntary commitment. If you have time, would like to learn a trade, project management or waste prevention, you are welcome to join the team. Get in touch with us